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Graphic Designer Web Programmer

This portfolio contains some of Erin's work; this is not a complete catalog of her work. If you would like to see more please contact Erin at erin@pepmor.com.

Commonwealth Automobile Reinsurers Website

The corporate website for Commonwealth Automobile Reinsurers (CAR). CAR's website was created to allow quick access to any part of the vast amount of information contained within it from any page. The website has a basic three tier structure: home page, secondary page, and tertiary page each with a specific layout and purpose. The website contains a lot of text, so the page designs allow for easy reading of materials without appearing too heavy.

ArticuLIST CD and CD Jacket

Working with CLICK for Literacy, the company logo and ArticuLIST logo were created. The ArticuLIST CD is a reading instruction resource for regular and remedial reading programs. The CD jacket displays a youth using the product and small squares reflect the flashcards contained within the product.

Outdoor Explorations

A cohesive campaign for a not-for-profit. The campaign focuses on the emotions of the participants and the sense of community created through Outdoor Explorations' programs. Materials include stationery, brochures, and media folder.

Changing the Change

A conference for industrial and product designers. The delta (triangle) is used throughout to symbolize change. Materials include poster, binder layout, website, and stationery.

David's Tire Website

A small business website for an automobile mechanic. The image on the right gives a sense of movement and is inspired by tire treads. Production of the website included creating a mailing list (through Constant Contact) and embedding the third party form for maintaining the list. The website also uses Google Maps to provide directions.

Previous Pepmor Website

My personal website created in Flash. This was a playful early Flash website.

Merrimack Home of Simonds Rock

A campaign promoting a hometown sightseeing opportunity. Simonds Rock has historical significance in the town as a navigational landmark and shelter to early settlers. The quotes used were taken from town historical materials. The star in the night sky hints at the navigational references to the rock. Materials include posters, banners, and website.

Type Conference Poster

Poster and logos for the Copenhagen Type Conference. The logos were created as an opportunity for the conference to sell promotional merchandise.

Zinger Alphabet

An alphabet drawn with the pen tool in Illustrator based on Papyrus. Each of the letters were created using Illustrator's pen tool. The final alphabet was printed in a brochure.